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> Bird Flu
Posted: Mar 26 2007, 08:11 PM
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Dear Vladimir

Finally, I happened to find an AI infected Mountain Hawk Eagle (endangered
species), .
This individual has found alive in Kumamoto Kyushu, but died shortly
The carcass has brought to our center (in Kushiro) for postmortem
examination in February 2007.
I tested influenza by a test kit, and got positive result to A type
influenza virus.
I asked our government send the dead body to Tottory University, to make
clear the strain.
As a result, H5N1 virus has isolated.
Now, I am working hard on this article.

Best regards,

Sunday March 18, 10:07 PM
LEAD: H5N1 bird flu virus found in body of endangered eagle in Kumamoto
The highly virulent H5N1 strain of bird flu virus has been detected in the
body of an endangered eagle in the village of Sagara, Kumamoto Prefecture,
the Environment Ministry said Sunday.
The ministry has tasked a laboratory at Tottori University with examining
the bird, a female of the species called the mountain hawk eagle, after it
was found to be ailing in the village on Jan. 4 and died shortly afterward.
The ministry plans to catch wild birds and collect bird droppings around the
area the bird was found.
The bird is on the Japanese government list of endangered species and there
are believed to be some 1,800 inhabiting mountainous areas from Hokkaido in
the north to Kyushu in the south.
The bird eats hares, snakes, other birds and various other animals in the

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Posted: Mar 26 2007, 08:59 PM
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Group: Любители птиц
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Dear Saito !

For interisting about Bird;s migration

First I want to apologize that we did not inform you all yet on the first
results of the Midwinter Waterfowl Census 2007 in Iran. Please find some
first results below from the provinces where the Dutch-Belgian team has
assisted the waterbird counters from the Iranian Department of environment, as well as some basic information on the project. Please note that these figures are only preliminary!! Also, only results from provinces where the Dutch-Belgian team has assisted the DOE are included in this email. The final numbers as well as an extensive report will be available within some months.

From 9 to 28 January 2007, a group of 18 Dutch and one Belgian birder has
joined the Midwinter Waterbird Census in Iran. The census was carried out
by the Wildlife Bureau of the Iranian Department of Environment, the
Dutch/Belgian assistance was organised in cooperation with Foundation WIWO, with assistance from SOVON and with funding from OSME, AEWA and the
individual participants. Comparable joint counts were carried out in 2004
and 2005.

The project started with a 2-day workshop in Tehran, which was attended by some 70 people, mainly waterbird counters from the DOE, including many from the provincial offices. Counting methods and identification of waterbirds were the two main topics.

Roughly two weeks were used for the midwintercount. The Iranian waterbird
counters, all working at the Department of Environment, were assisted by 2 persons from the WIWO-team in each of the 9 most important provinces, being West-Azerbaijan, Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan, Khuzestan, Fars, Bushehr, Hormuzgan and Sistan-Baluchistan.

In total 2.9 million waterbirds have been counted in these 9 provinces,
including (preliminary numbers only!)

1.4 million Coot
740,000 ducks
200,000 Flamingo's
135,000 gulls and terns
>150,000 waders
56,000 Cormorant
34,000 Greylag Goose

Despite everything, coverage has ofcourse been far from complete in most
provinces, so actual wintering waterbird populations are much higher.
Although it is yet difficult to make an estimate about the total coverage, we guess some 10-20% of all waterbirds in the provinces mentioned was counted.

Highest numbers were (again) counted at the Miankaleh-Gorgan Bay complex
(Mazandaran and Golestan provinces) with some 1,6 million birds. Numbers of ducks and coot were low in Azerbaijan and Gilan but generally high in
several other provinces. E.g., almost half a million ducks and coots were
counted in Khuzestan. Hunting is prohibited at the moment because of avian influenza, which will have an effect on the wintering numbers of these species. Less shy behaviour of the birds might also have influenced the counts.

Weather conditions (fog, winds and rain) made it impossible to carry out
good counts of the intertidal areas in Khuzestan and Bushehr. In Hormuzgan, where two teams were active, the best coverage ever has been achieved. On base of the results, it will be possible to produce solid estimates for all species wintering here. Several species winter in the Persian Gulf in internationally important numbers, often in much higher numbers than previously thought. E.g., a wintering population of some 12,000 Crab Plover is estimated for Hara National Park alone.

Some of the most interesting findings (only preliminary results from the 9 provinces mentioned):

4650 Dalmatian Pelicans were counted. This is roughly 40% of the
estimated world population! Taking into account that, even within the only 9 provinces included here, coverage is far from complete, it is evident that Iran is of huge importance for the species.

Barnacle Goose: one seen and photographed in Golestan, which is
the first record of this species for the Middle East. Attached a photograph of the bird (copyright Edwin Winkel)
Hoor-al-Azim (Khuzestan) was visited for the first time in years.
Among others, 92 African Darter and 12 Goliath Heron were seen. Much larger numbers of both species might be wintering in the area, since only a small protion of the site was counted.
* Over 3000 White-headed Ducks were counted, of which 2778 in
Miankaleh W.R./Gorgan Bay (Mazandaran/Golestan) and 270 in Miangaran
A Sociable Plover was found at Monde Protected Area (Bushehr), at
a site where 3 birds were photographed by local DoE-staff in 2006.
Apparently, 8 birds were counted at the same site shortly after the midwinter count.
The Helleh Delta (Bushehr) held 44 Lesser White-fronted Geese. In total 4 birds were found elsewhere.
Over 1900 Broad-billed Sandpipers counted, the vast majority of
which was counted in Hormuzgan. This is probably less than 10% of the
actual number wintering in Iran along the Persian Gulf.
Over 7900 Pygmy Cormorants counted, mainly in Fars province.
* 30,000 Pin-tailed Sandgrouse observed In Golestan.
* 2 Oriental White-eyes observed east of Jask at a new site,
suggesting the species probably occurs in all old mangroves from Jask
the site where the breeding pair of Brown Fish-Owl was found
during the WIWO-DOE project of 2004 was revisited. As in 2005, no birds were
found. Gravel is being extracted from the site at this moment.

A report including all results will be prepared in the course of this year.
Also, a series of articles on the results of this as well as earlier counts will be published in Sandgrouse and other journals. I will inform you all the moment this report is available.

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Владимир Романов
Posted: Mar 27 2007, 02:58 PM
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Group: Модераторы
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Dear Saito!
Thank for information . I also connected with sick wild bird and received low pathogenic virus bird flu from rook ( Corvus flugilegus ) that lives in Moscow. This fact was discuss at the conference wild animal medicine in March , 2007

Best regards ,
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